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“The beauty of Gabrielle’s voice is the deep emotional cadence as we enter each  character’s point of view.  In those special worlds, she writes with the talent to keep you immersed so that you can  understand and empathize with their  motivations and the conflicts that may overwhelm.  Skillful and full of artistry, Gabrielle shares a powerful romance worthy of its resolution.”
~ Michelle Monkou for USA TODAY

“Every now and then, God gives a talented artist a gift within their gift, a destiny-creating piece that illuminates so brightly it defies average definition. Elissa Gabrielle has brilliantly weaved a tale that is, simply put, for your eyes and heart to behold.”
~William Fredrick Cooper
Award-Winning/Best-Selling Author of Unbreakable

“Eye of the Beholder is a love story crafted in a way that only Elissa Gabrielle can. In what is sure to be considered her greatest craftsmanship to date, Gabrielle effortlessly gives her readers an explosive experience of emotions through words and sounds that dance on paper. Think colors … vibrant colors that come alive in your mind as you experience the poetic prowess of her writing style. You don’t want to miss this one.”
~SD Denny, Author & Freelance Editor

“Smooth like jazz, this work of art, Eye of the Beholder, has a poetical feel that wraps around your senses leading you into a captivating trance trying to inhale all the words written on the pages. Very vividly written with imagery so strong that you are able to feel every emotion of the characters within as if you are one with them, this page turner is a must read. This instant classic is enthralled with love and pain, desire and passion, perseverance and encouragement, and a true pathway as to how the hardest of test and the biggest of doubts can be overcome with real love and strong faith. Elissa Gabrielle has managed to intertwine poetry and jazz together to bring forth a riveting tale that all walks can relate and feel down to the souls of their own being making them a part of the lead characters, Jerusalem and Jill.”
~H. M. Trey, Author & Poet

“If the moon and the stars align Elissa Gabrielle will be a literary rock star. Eye of the Beholder marks in stunning fashion the return to readers the craft of writing that book lovers eyes should be awarded. A heartrending endorsement of losing trust, crossing lines and seeking forgiveness, Eye of the Beholder is a story of emotional deprivation beyond one’s control, and searching for inner soul sustenance. Elissa Gabrielle has penned word by word and line by line from the beginning to the end poetic justice poetically in this novel. Eye of the Beholder is comparable in scope, texture, and depictions with the classics because of the strong wit and passionate intelligence.”
~Alvin L. A. Horn, author of Perfect Circle

“If it’s worth reading, it’s worth waiting for…and I must say, Eye of the Beholder by Elissa Gabrielle is definitely worth the wait. Once again, Gabrielle reeled me in from the very beginning. I found the characters’ names alone very intriguing and I wanted to learn every detail about them.  Gabrielle makes her readers feel as if these characters are people they have met at some point or another in life. But, if you haven’t met them, you certainly won’t regret getting to know the latest cast penned by our beloved…Elissa Gabrielle!”
~Linda R. Herman, author of Consequences

“Elissa Gabrielle delivers a story of intimacy, love and hope with a healthy amount of romance crafting the ultimate love story in Eye of the Beholder.  While it is not uncommon for Elissa to create relatable characters in every book she pens the characters in this novel are not only relatable but memorable.  Being familiar with the author’s work, just when I think she is incapable of penning a novel better than the one preceding, she does just that in Eye of the Beholder; it is indeed her best work to date and she is to be commended.”
~LaLaina Knowles, Award-winning contributor to The Heat of the Night

“Eye of The Beholder is a love song in prose. And not just a love song that exists between a man and a woman but that lingers in the memories of children about their first love, their mother. Many are caught up in what is visual, what the eye can see, but Eye of The Beholder is about what the heart can see and overcome. This book should be set to a jazzy beat so the reader can close his or her eyes and allow themselves to be swept away. Gabrielle has poured her heart into the pages of this book and the reader will come away with the realization that love transforms and transfigures; allowing us to see true beauty.”
~Angelia Vernon Menchan, Author, Publisher, Womanist

“Elissa Gabrielle’s Eye of the Beholder takes you to another place and time. Vulnerability and hope are the backdrop of this riveting novel. Gabrielle’s words are like cool water for a thirsty soul, each one dripping with lyricism and purpose. Eye of the Beholder will cause you to experience firsthand the transformative power of love.”
~J’son M. Lee, Author/Editor

Sensual, spiritual and thought-provoking, Elissa Gabrielle craftily brings relevant subjects to life in the exceptionally-written Eye of the Beholder.
~ Loretta R. Walls, Author of The Majestic Dynasty.

“Jerusalem and Jill are poetry in motion, as Jerusalem weaves his life story of discouraging events to an undercurrent of floetry and jazz that you can hear as a backdrop. Jill is the artist, drawing from her personal life to add fuel to who Jerusalem is becoming, not allowing him to wallow in his current condition, with her true compassion and love for what she does. Eye of the Beholder draws you into the world of these two people from the very first sentence, carrying you with them from their pasts into their present.”
~ Sharel E. Gordon-Love, author of the award-nominated The Putting Away

“Poetic, Lyrical, rooted in urban life and harsh realities. Elissa Gabrielle has done it again with this graceful novel, Eye of The Beholder, full of love, redemption and hope.”
~L’Nora, Author

“Elissa Gabrielle writes with incredible boldness and sensitivity. Her characters are believable and have left a lasting impression in my mind. Eye of the Beholder is a wonderful read.”
~Toriana Jones, author of Good To Have You Back

“When reading Eye of the Beholder by Elissa Gabrielle, you come to know the characters as if you grew up with them. Elissa Gabrielle weaves into Eye of the Beholder the memories, the family members, the tragedies and the triumphs that shaped the two lover’s will and perspectives on life. With Eye of the Beholder, you get more than a love story. You get a life story.”
~Joey Pinkney, Author and Book Reviewer
“Eye of the Beholder by Elissa Gabrielle is epic storytelling and to sum it up in one word, it’s simply poignant.”
~Jessica A. Robinson, Award-winning author of the Holy Series

“Eye of The Beholder is yet another fine example of Elissa Gabrielle’s intrepid and brilliant pen. When she inks it…it is written, launched, and ALWAYS on target.”
~Marc Lacy, Author, Poet, Lecturer

“She’s back and Elissa Gabrielle sets her literary pen OFF as she introduces readers to Queen Thomas, Quincy Hughes, and all the drama and chaos that surround their lives. In the midst of abuse, murder, and the fight for justice and peace of mind, is it possible for Queen and Quincy to really find true love? You want to buckle up for this ride because Gabrielle takes you on a winding ride full of twists and turns, from a mere whisper to a gut-wrenching scream! After reading this book, you’ll ponder what is coming next from this amazing literary voice.”
~Linda R. Herman, author of Consequences

“This exhilarating page turner commands your full attention from the very start and never releases it. A Whisper to a Scream is a richly satisfying novel that you’ll find yourself completely drawn into, delivered in a style that only Elissa Gabrielle can bring. ”
~S.D. Denny, Author of Erotigasm and The Baker’s Dozen

“A true page turner! Expect to sit on the edge of your seat as “Whisper To a Scream” takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions.”
~Ebonee Monique, author of Suicide Diaries

“With enticing precision, A Whisper to a Scream draws you in like a moth to a flame. Through relatable and unforgettable characters in shocking situations, Elissa Gabrielle has crafted a tale that makes your heart beat faster in anticipation of what will happen on the next page.”
~Lorraine Elzia, Author of Mistress Memoirs

“Intensely passionate and dramatic. A Whisper To A Scream will own your every emotion from beginning to end.”
~Hazel Mills, author Bare Necessities: Sensuous Tales of Passion

“Like her characters, Elissa Gabrielle’s writing is hot, sassy, and skillfully witty, giving a whole new meaning to erotica!”
~ Jessica Tilles, author of Unfinished Business

“Few have started with such intriguing and captivating characters who chase, find and sometimes lose love. Her detailed descriptions will undoubtedly put you in a trance, pulling you in deeper. In
Point of No Return, Gabrielle’s brilliance and command is displayed in this romantic, erotic sequel.”
~ James Lisbon, Founder, Awareness Magazine

“What happens when forbidden lovers address the aftermath of crossing the Point Of No Return? Elissa Gabrielle answers this intriguing question with a sexy and scintillating sequel to Good To The Last Drop that is a definite must read!”
~ Bill Holmes, author of One Love

“Elissa Gabrielle has penned another great tale in her latest release, Point of No Return. She delivers a stunning narrative that is sure to keep you engrossed in the story and hungry for more. Gabrielle
draws her reading audience in with a unique tale that is full of humor, sex, scandal and captivating characters. Elissa Gabrielle has proven to be one of the greatest voices in her genre.”
~Lalaina Knowles, author of Twisted Karma

“Elissa Gabrielle’s writing style is dangerously irresistible and has proven there is spirit in lust and in lust there is a life fighting to love.”
~ Linda Wattley, author of Daddy’s Girl

“Elissa Gabrielle doesn’t disappoint with the scorching sequel, Point of No Return. With a fresh writing style, unforgettable characters and a steaming hot storyline; Ms. Gabrielle has effortlessly taken erotica to a whole new level!”
~ D.L.Sparks, author of All That Glitters

“Elissa Gabrielle gets her sizzle on in her latest release. With characters who are honest and real enough to tread that thin line between love and hate, she brings you to the brink in Point of No Return.”
~ Janet West Sellars, author of Quiet As It’s Kept

“Point of No Return will take you on a H-O-T and wild ride with characters that are equally wild, sassy and contemporary.”
~ Vanessa A Johnson, author of When Death Comes a Knockin

“Elissa Gabrielle is a force to be reckoned with.”
~ Shani Greene Dowdell, author of Keepin’ it Tight

“Elissa Gabrielle takes HOT to another level in her sizzling novel Point of No Return.”
~ Jahzara, author of Luv Don’t Live Here Anymore

“Elissa Gabrielle is a sexy writing force that deserves more than mere recognition. Her words will take you on a ride of literary pleasure. Gabrielle quenches your erotic thirst and will make you beg for more.”
~Wanda D. Hudson, author of Wait For Love: A Black Girl’s Story

“Elissa Gabrielle takes you on a VIVID, SEXY, AROUSING, and FUNNY ride with everything erotica fans ask for and much, much more…..stuff you ain’t never thought of.”
-George L. Cook, III, Author of Let’s Talk Honestly

“Elissa Gabrielle writes with passion, and brings the heat in this very sexy, hot romantic thriller…erotica at its best.”
-Diane Dorce’, Author of Devil In The Mist

“Her writing is erotic, stunning and explosive. She weaves a tale of intrigue and portrays relationships the way they really are. And just like you want your lover to be, it has a sensual side as well. When you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down…unless you are “taking care of business.” Did I mention it was hot? It IS!”
-donnie l. betts, filmmaker, No Credits Productions

“With characters that come to life with every page, Elissa Gabrielle takes the reader to new heights of sexuality and drama. Her first-person accounts draw you into the story lines and let you know what you’ve been missing. Insightful, witty and engrossing. Few can get my attention with the first line, but she has managed to do it. Can’t wait for the next journey.”
-C.A. Webb, Author of Destiny’s Child

“Elissa Gabrielle is the NEW VOICE OF EROTICA, ROMANCE AND SUSPENSE who unleashes a SENSUAL and deeply ENTHRALLING story that will leave even the most inhibited readers of Erotica throbbing for more, but will Amber and Khalil’s love affair last after the HONEYMOON?”
-Disilgold Soul

“Elissa Gabrielle writes with intriguing ease…captivating her reader from page 1.”
-Jessica Tilles, Best selling author of Fatal Desire

“Captivating characters… page-turner….very funny and will stay with a reader long after the book is finished.”
-Claudia Brown-Mosley, Author I Can Have My Cake and Eat It Too

“Elissa Gabrielle is this generation’s Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka and Sonia Sanchez. Her visualizations of inner and outer loves, of subterranean fears laced in anger, of unrelenting urgency to evoke change and betterment, is fresh, vital, and burning with eroticism. She creates new scents from familiar smells. She is confrontation, passion, love on fire. She is to be digested, discussed and passed on. She is to be cherished, protected and honored. She is our ancestors and our children yet to be born.”

-Max Julien, Author, Filmmaker, Designer & Activist. Star and co-writer of The Mack

“Peace In The Storm is a thought-provoking collection of poetry and prose that covers a range of themes with poignancy, insight and urgency. You will enjoy this medley of words from the talented pen of Elissa Gabrielle and her heartfelt vision of the pains and pleasures of life.”

-Memphis Vaughn, Jr., Editor, www.timbooktu.com

“Peace in the Storm is heartfelt, real and a must read! Elissa Gabrielle’s writing is a gateway to the soul that brims with an assembly of emotions.”

– Tee C. Royal, Founder, RAWSISTAZ Book Club, www.rawsistaz.com

“Peace in the Storm is, in a very real way, a journey which forces the reader to consider the impact of one’s experience upon their daily existence. It takes the measure of your heart and it melts your curiosity into the fresh breath of hope. It gives us inspiration and raw understanding our of fragility.”

-Reverend H. Grady James, III, Pastor & Educator